Frequently asked questions

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What is firulais?

Pronounced /fiˈɾulais/ [fiˈɾu.lai̯s]

It is the most common name used in Mexico to name a dog. Firulais has its origins in the English word FREE OF LICE "which means flea-free.

In short – 'firulais' is a popular made-up word used to refer to any dog/cat in Mexico, especially strays and/or mixed-breed dogs.

Do I need an account to make an order?

Signing up for an account is not necessary: however, it keeps you updated with your order history and tracking information. As well as our newsletter and special promotions when they become available.

Who makes these products?

I work with skilled artisans all over Mexico to bring you handmade products. Each piece is traditionally made meanwhile following fair trade guidelines. We collaborate on various pieces to make unique products for you and your firulais.

Do you have a storefront?

No but we do popup all over Texas. See where we will be at next! Check out our Upcoming Markets page.

Im not Mexican can I still buy?

Of course, as long as you are not mocking the culture. The item you wear or display must celebrate and honor Mexican culture.

Do you accept returns?

Yes for store credit only, no refunds. Please kindly send us a message within 2 days of ordering to cancel your order or to see the condition of the items before they are returned.